A unique supercar was filmed in Chernobyl (VIDEO)

 A unique supercar was filmed in Chernobyl.

Specialists from tuning studios regularly break stereotypes and can turn even a budget car into a chic art object. However, most often they realize their boundless and sometimes crazy ideas on sports cars. One of these ideas was realized in the McLaren 650S supercar.

The collaborators from the tuning studio Liberty Walk and Armytrix, inspired by the HBO TV series "Chernobyl", created a special version of the McLaren 650S called Chernobyl. As a result of the modifications, the supercar looks as if it was involved in the filming of a movie about the post-apocalypse or suffered a man-made disaster.

This vision is achieved thanks to a special strip of radioactive symbols that covers the car. The ominous appearance is also highlighted by the massive front splitter, high rear fender, side extensions, huge diffuser and black HRE wheels shod in Michelin Performance tires.

The Chernobyl is powered by a 3.8-liter V8 turbo engine that emits incredible sound thanks to an armytrix titanium exhaust system.

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