Clash of US and Russian military patrols in Syria (VIDEO)

Clash of US and Russian military patrols in Syria.

Four American soldiers were slightly injured after a clash with Russian forces in Syria. Footage circulated on social media shows Russian military vehicles and helicopters squeezing American armored vehicles. The Foreign Ministry in Moscow said that the United States had been warned about the passage of the Russian military. The US National Security Council said this was another provocation by Russia.

This is not the first time that there have been minor unarmed confrontations between the US and Russian military in Syria. The differences in the interests of the two countries are significant. Washington's focus - the region's natural resources. They also support the creation of independent Kurdish territories in Syria and neighboring countries.

"What the Americans are doing there is protecting the really oil-rich reserves that are currently under Kurdish control. In this way, they are straining the nerves of both the Syrian government and President Erdogan, "commented former Foreign Minister Milen Keremedchiev.

The question, however, is whether the United States has the authority to be there. "What are the United States doing there?" Syria is a sovereign state with clear borders. Kurdish territory - no such. There is territory in Syria. One of their goals was to create such a territory. Who will rule Kurdistan if it is created? Of course, from the United States, "said journalist Maj. Algafari. For its part, Russia is in Syria because of its close political relations with the country. Moscow's army is in the region at the invitation of President Bashar al-Assad.

"Russia has intervened in Syria at the invitation of legitimately elected President Bashar al-Assad. Relations between Syria and Russia have been around for a long time - very warm, friendly and amicable. It has not created any conflict so far. Syria is moving and developing, "Algafari added.

"Russia has growing demands that Bashar Assad and his regime control the entire territory of Syria," Keremedchiev said. Experts emphasize that there is another participant in the political game in the region - Turkey. Such conflicts in the region could threaten the stability of peace. "Turkey will react immediately to any strengthening of Kurdish positions with US assistance," the former foreign minister predicted. "Sometimes such a small thing can set the world on fire. "If they attack each other, there will be a third world war," Algafari added.

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