Japanese Stress Remedy: Lie in a coffin (VIDEO)

Japanese Stress Remedy: Lie in a coffin.

A Japanese company is offering people who think the coronavirus pandemic is scary to cheer themselves up by lying in coffins, listening to horror movies and watching actors pretend to be zombies, Reuters reported.

"The pandemic is stressful and we hope people will relax by screaming," said Kenta Ivana of Kovagarasetai, which offers a 15-minute experience. In Japan, the epidemic grew by 1,034 newly infected yesterday.

Ivana finds it difficult to find a job for her actors in these conditions. So look for alternatives. Last month he organized a horror show. "Many performances were canceled because of the coronavirus, and I was looking for a way to get rid of the stress," said one of the clients, Kazushiro Hashiguchi, after giving 800 yen ($ 7.60) to lie in a coffin. "I feel quite relaxed now."

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