Mrs. Macron showed a tight body in a swimsuit (PHOTOS)

Photos: Instagram

Mrs. Macron showed a tight body in a swimsuit.

It has become a tradition for the French presidential family to rest at sea before the G-7 summit. This happened before the forum in Biarritz, hosted by Emmanuel Macron, as well as this year, when he is expected to lead the way in the future.

Makar togava caprugata na frenckiya prezident Brigitte Makron ucpeshno ea izbyagvashe paparatsite and Conceptual, logical zacneta edinctveno in low white tamper riza and shorti, pokazvashti ctegnatite its kraka, tova lyato shancat ce ucmihna na lovtsite na kadri and such rises ucpyaha ea January shtraknat in low bancki koctyum na yahta nedaleche from the octrov Porcrol on the French Riviera. The place is located between Marseille and Nice. It is wild and far enough away from the noisy coast. Maybe the couple chose him to be alone with friends and not to have contact with other people in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

From the photos of the paparazzi, it can be seen that President Macron has devoted himself to water sports. He drives a jet, walks around with a sailboat and burns in the sun only on short shorts. His wife sometimes accompanies him on walks, but for the rest of the time she prefers to take sunbathing. In order to get a nice complexion, she wore a full swimsuit with a deep cut back. He shows that it is not only her legs that are in good shape, in which everyone is already convinced, and that there is not a gram of excess fat all over her body. This applies to both her back and her arms. A special impression is made by the tight budget of the first lady, which can be envied by younger women.

Pictures of Brigitte Macron in a swimsuit appear for the first time, that's why they provoke such interest. The comments on the social networks are generally unanimous that the 67-year-old lady looks even younger in a bank than in the notorious houses. And since the photos were taken by paparazzi, they are certainly not spiced, and Brigitte Macron really does look the way she was captured by the lens.

Many ask on the forums what the perfect body of the first lady of France is due to.

We remind you that she is 25 years older than her husband. One possibility is to inherit good genes. The other, which does not exclude the first, is that every day you put a lot of effort over yourself. And the desire to feel younger than your true age, of course.

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