Riots in Sweden after the burning of the Koran (VIDEO)

Riots in Sweden after the burning of the Koran.

Riots erupted in the Swedish city of Malmö on Friday night during protests against the burning of the Koran, SVT television reported.

About 300 people, outraged by the blasphemous act, blocked the main crossroads in the Rusengord area. When police arrived, stones, bottles and fireworks flew at her. "We are fighting the riots now. The whole area is restless, "said local police spokesman Ricard Lundqvist.

A few days ago, the street artist San Park, whom the local media called a provocateur, previously tried for inciting national hatred, asked the city authorities to allow him to hold a demonstration in front of the Islamic Center in Rusengord on "the consequences of the Islamization of Scandinavia." ”.

The action was planned to take place during Friday's Muslim prayer, and the leader of the Danish right-wing extremist party "Hard Course" Rasmus Paludan was invited to take part in it. The burning of the Koran is also planned there. As early as Wednesday, police refused to hold the rally due to fears of public disorder, and a local court upheld its decision.

Rasmus Paludan, who left for Sweden, was stopped at the border, where he was banned from entering the country for two years. But members of the "Hard Course" still burned the Koran, it happened in an industrial area of Rusengord. The firefighting led to collisions and the activation of special cars by the police.

The Hard Course party was founded by Paludan in 2017. The lawyer is known for his numerous videos on YouTube. He publicly burned the Qur'an, describing this act as freedom of speech. His party wants a ban on Islam and the deportation from Denmark of all "non-Western asylum seekers".

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