The sauna poses a danger to eyesight


The sauna poses a danger to eyesight.

The surgeon-ophthalmologist Dmitry Dementiev warned on the air of "Russia 1" television that the visit to the sauna can be dangerous for the eyes, before 3.

"Many people can have problems such as a violation of vascular tone or have a hypertensive crisis," warned the doctor.

He promised that the high temperature in the sauna could provoke spasm and impaired blood circulation in the retinal vessels in people with pathologies.

In addition, staying in a hot room can cause a severe attack of glaucoma, which can lead to almost instantaneous loss. "That's why people who have glaucoma are better off not having a sauna," said the ophthalmologist.

The high temperature and humidity can lead to swelling of the cornea, added Dementiev. "If you suffer from any chronic diseases of the cornea - keratitis or even blepharitis of the eyelids, conjunctivitis, the sauna can cause provocation."

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