They turned "Zaporozhets" into a unique home on wheels (VIDEO)

They turned "Zaporozhets" into a unique home on wheels.

The village of Petrikovka, located in the Dnieper region of Ukraine, has long been known in the country with the masters of the so-called. Petrikov painting, which has no analogues in the world.

In the village there are many houses decorated with bright drawings: from the tax office and the bank to the bus station. Among them is a painted house on wheels, made in the style of a traditional Ukrainian hut - mazanka.

It is based on the Zaporozhets car, which was previously cut. It turned out to be a very interesting attraction for tourists who are happy to ride on it.

As for the history of Petrikov painting, it is a flight of freedom. This is exactly what Natalia Kovalenko, the chairwoman of the district council, says about her. The Cossacks in the village lived poor but free and therefore painted their houses, turning them into real works of art.

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