Wondering what's inside Samsung's wireless headphones (VIDEO)

Wondering what's inside Samsung's wireless headphones.

In hoda otsenkata na na na protseca razglobyavane and poddrazhka, ekcpertite otkriha, flashover razrabotchitsite ca proyavili chuvctvo charter humor in low otnoshenie formata na na na bobeno zarno uctroyctvoto and markirat nyakoi chacti c dumata "bean" in prevod from the angliycki - "bob".

Based on the disassembly results, iFixit gave the Galaxy Buds Live a very high maintenance rating - 8 points on a 10-point scale. Experts at iFixit were surprised to find out that the Galaxy Buds Live earphone opens relatively smoothly, unlike similar models.

"Cled guidance in vnimatelna proverka na" vatreshnoctite "na clushalkite na Galaxy Buds have live, otkrihme markirovki na chacti, koito yacno namekvat charter originalniya dizayn na uctroyctvoto. Kabelnata no worry, visiting na dvete polovini na naushnitsite e oznachena c" bob vlyavo "and" bob vdyacno " ", share the specialists.

Samsung's engineers, however, have done much more than joke about the format. The design and attachment of the battery allow quick and easy replacement of the miniature batteries, as needed, as needed.

It turns out that the main problem in replacing the battery will be the purchase of the lithium-ion battery SP1254 (3.7 V), which is still difficult. The disassembly also reveals that the wireless charger has a 1.81 Wh battery, which is significantly more than the battery capacity of our batteries.

The large capacity ensures a longer battery life. Thus, the total life of the battery of the "beans" Galaxy Buds Live is 29 hours, while the Galaxy Buds Plus is 13 hours, and the Galaxy Buds Plus battery - up to 22 hours.

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