A 200-kilogram gorilla beat a nurse at a zoo in Madrid

A 200-kilogram gorilla beat a nurse at a zoo in Madrid.

A zoo employee was beaten by a gorilla and taken to hospital with serious injuries, the Sun reported. The accident happened after the animal broke three doors.

The employee was seriously injured at the Madrid Aquarium Zoo after being attacked by a 200-kilogram gorilla named Malabo. The 46-year-old woman suffered a head injury, a chest injury with multiple fractures and two broken arms.

She was rushed to the Madrid Clinical Hospital in serious condition. The gorilla smashed three doors to attack the guard who raised Malabo from birth. Madrid's municipal police have taken over the investigation, as it is classified as an accident at work.

The zoo describes how the incident came about. The employee entered the indoor facilities inhabited by gorillas for routine cleaning, giving breakfast to the occupants and preparing the facilities for their use during the day.

It is being investigated how the 29-year-old male gorilla got to the employee and how she overcame the three doors that separated them.

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