A car crashed into protesters in Times Square (VIDEO)

A car crashed into protesters in Times Square.

In Times Square in New York, a car crashed into a crowd of protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement, the New York Daily News reported, citing police.

The incident happened in the evening, when according to media reports, about 300 people gathered in the area of ​​Manhattan Square. They held a demonstration demanding "racial justice" for the death of an African-American by Rochester police.

Protesters on bicycles tried to block traffic. A Ford Taurus approached the protesters and stopped at first, but soon began to move sharply through the crowd. The car hit three cyclists standing on the roadway. As a result, they received minor injuries and medical volunteers provided assistance on the spot.

According to a spokesman for the New York police, a supporter of Donald Trump drove the car - a small rally was held near the square in support of the incumbent president. Law enforcement has launched an investigation into the incident.

Protests have been taking place in Portland and several other cities in the United States for several months, starting after the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. Demonstrations are often accompanied by riots.

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