A man became famous in TikTok with his unusually long thumb (VIDEO)

A man became famous in TikTok with his unusually long thumb.

Jacob Pina became famous once again for his unusually long thumb. This time in the popular among younger application TikTok. The thumb of 21-year-old Pina from Westport, Massachusetts, is usually about 5 cm long, but can be "extended" to nearly 14 cm, informs BuzzFeed.

The videos with Pina's thumb are not entirely new, and some of them date from the summer of 2019. Pina discovers that she can lengthen her thumb during her first year as a high school student. "I just moved my thumb by pulling it out of the joint so that it looked longer," he told the paper. "My doctor says it's unusual, but he can't officially link it to any medical condition."

"When I uploaded my video to TikTok, I had no idea I would get so much attention. People react mixed, some of them are disgusted, others are scared, and others are curious. ” Pina says he has never felt pain when extending his thumb. He also revealed that his left thumb was about 2.5 cm shorter than his right. In one of his videos on TikTok, which has more than 5.6 million views, he jokes that the ability to lengthen his thumbs is a "useless superpower."

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