A powerful fire broke out on a supertanker in the Indian Ocean (VIDEO)

A powerful fire broke out on a supertanker in the Indian Ocean.

A sailor was wounded and another is missing in a serious accident with an oil tanker in the Indian Window. The cargo vessel, with a crew of 23, caught fire 20 nautical miles off the east coast of Sri Lanka.

There were five Greek and 18 Filipino sailors on board. The New Diamond supertanker transports 2 million barrels of crude oil. The cargo compartment of the ship is not affected by the flames and there is no danger of black gold leaking into the ocean, the Sri Lankan Navy said. The island nation's army has joined the search for the missing Filipino sailor. Two Russian ships and four Indian vessels also came to the rescue.

The ship is owned by Indian Oil Corp. and has transported the maximum oil at its maximum capacity. Two fires broke out on board, one of which covered the bridge. The flames have been contained, local media reported, and efforts are currently being made to minimize environmental damage to the area's flora and fauna. Footage from the scene showed thick clouds of smoke rising above the vessel.

New Diamond sailed from the port city of Mina al Ahmadi in Kuwait, loaded with crude oil for export. The supertanker was to take its cargo to the Indian port city of Paradip, where the company that owns Indian Oil Corp. has a refinery capable of processing 300,000 barrels a day.

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