A prototype of a flying car was first shown at a Beijing auto show (VIDEO)

A prototype of a flying car was first shown at a Beijing auto show.

A prototype flying car was first shown at a car show in the Chinese capital, Beijing. The latest and most modernized cars were demonstrated on it. Carmakers are vying to offer extras to make driving easier.

The Beijing Auto China 2020 International Motor Show showcases the future of new energy vehicles, smart cars, digital automation and driving technology to a whole new level.

A total of 785 cars are on display at this year's event, including 82 debuts, 36 concept cars and 160 new energy vehicles, focused on the latest revolutionary products of the international automotive industry, the latest scientific and technological advances and trends. XPeng, a leading manufacturer of intelligent electric vehicles in China, presented a prototype of a flying car at the exhibition. The drone-like vehicle is able to fly at low altitudes. Chinese carmaker unveiled its latest Milestone concept car at the show. Using gestures, drivers can change functions or activate the car.

Japanese carmaker Nissan has brought entertainment to the show, allowing visitors to experience the latest features of their latest car by sitting in a special driving seat and playing a racing game. This year, the China Automobile Commission also has a booth at the exhibition, where visitors can check the value of popular imported and Chinese cars. The exhibition, which was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be officially opened to the general public from October 1 to 5.

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