A Russian top model was found dead near a NATO base on the island of Sardinia

A Russian top model was found dead near a NATO base on the island of Sardinia
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A Russian top model was found dead near a NATO base on the island of Sardinia.

Italian justice has launched an investigation into the death of Russian top model Galina Fyodorova, who was found dead naked in the sea near a NATO base on the island of Sardinia, AFP reported, citing the judge in charge of the investigation.

The 35-year-old Fyodorova regularly appeared on the covers of famous men's magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse, for which she posed either naked or in scanty clothing.

On Saturday, her naked body was found in the water near Teulada, in southern Sardinia. According to the preliminary conclusions, the woman drowned, prosecutor Enrico Lusu from the prosecutor's office in Cagliari told AFP by phone.

Fyodorova's friend, photographer Gerenius Tavarov, who has Russian and British citizenship, said the two rented an inflatable boat to walk off the coast of Sardinia. At one point they jumped into the sea to bathe, but then the boat detached from its anchor and began to move away. The two tried to reach the shore by swimming, but in the end only the photographer reached the mainland, and his girlfriend failed and drowned.

In the course of the investigation, the prosecutor's office in Cagliari confiscated mobile phones, a camera, a laptop and a drone found in the inflatable boat. There were signs of an impact on the boat, probably with another vessel or underwater rock. There were also bottles of alcohol in the boat.

The autopsy showed that the model's death was caused by drowning, but investigators want to dispel any other hypothesis because of the proximity of the site to the NATO base, which is one of the largest in the country, and because of the Russian origin of the victim and photographer.

Due to the base, which covers an area of ​​more than 7,000 hectares and where there is a school for firing long-range missiles, with large areas used as targets for artillery fire, special forces exercises and counterintelligence, work has begun on the case and Italian intelligence services, Corriere della Sera reported.

According to the local newspaper Union Sarda, the investigation is on charges of accidental death.

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