Airbus is developing a V-shaped aircraft of the future (VIDEO)

Airbus is developing a V-shaped aircraft of the future.

The European aircraft giant Airbus and the Dutch airline KLM Texnological University of Delft (Technical University). This is a conceptual model of an "ultra-efficient" aircraft for intercontinental flights with a V-shaped configuration of the fuselage.

Modelat na camoleta, izpaboten in ppiblizitelen mashtab 1:21 (4.7% of pealniya), c pazmax na ĸpilata 4.3 metpa and c dalzhina na ĸoppyca 2.8 metpa, obopydvan c dva eleĸtpichecĸi dvigatelya, e izvapshil ycpeshen 5-minyten polet c dictantsionno yppavlenie na voenna base in Germany. This is stated in a statement of the University of Technology in Delft - the oldest and most renowned university for engineering specialists. The decision for the first flight was taken after a long period of serial tests of the model in an aerodynamic tunnel and after a series of ground tests.

The Fluing-V itself is a concept of a passenger aircraft with a V-shaped configuration, which in terms of size and capacity of the Airbus A350 type will cost 20%.

The University of Technology in Delft announced the start of the project in April 2019 and was immediately supported by the well-known Dutch airline. The airline presented the project during the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of its founding in October last year. The international aircraft giant Airbus is also a little bit included in the project.

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