Aries, which costs half a million dollars (VIDEO)

Aries, which costs half a million dollars.

A ram named Double Diamond sold for nearly half a million dollars. The record price was paid by three breeders at a livestock auction held near Glasgow, Scotland. The six-month-old animal was bought for 367,500 pounds, or about $ 492,000.

The texel breed comes from an island off the coast of the Netherlands, according to The Guardian. Sheep of this species are expensive and are often sold for five figures. Bidding starts at about $ 14,000 and quickly jumps to the final price. Texels are known for their muscular physique and lean flesh, reports Insider.

"We knew it was going to be something really special. He was just an exceptional animal with the best genetics. There were about seven or eight people who really wanted it, and that led to the high price, "said Jeff Aiken, one of three breeders who bought the ram.

He runs a farm in Lancashire and will share ownership of Double Diamond with the other two sheep breeders he is partnering with for the sale. They own farms in Ayrshire and Northumberland. The ram is expected to be used for breeding. A double diamond broke the record for the highest price paid for a sheep previously held by another animal sold for £ 231,000, or about $ 308,000, in 2009.

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