Emily Ratajkowski provoked with hot shots (PHOTOS)

Emily Ratajkowski provoked with hot shots
Photos: Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski provoked with hot shots.

Emily Ratajkowski knows that you can't make money just by posing. Yes, for a while, if you're lucky, this profession will bring you good money, but sooner or later, things change. That is why the young beauty has invested to create her own line of swimsuits, from which she certainly earns a lot of good money.

The star posted several photos from the beach, in which she looks perfect in her swimsuit. It turns out that the outfit is from her new line of swimwear Inamorata. The photos on Instagram gathered over a million likes in just a few hours, and Bella Hadid even commented that the beauty of her colleague is "unreal".

For her visit to the beach, Emily opted for a two-piece swimsuit in green and with ties. Interestingly, the top is tied not only at the back but also at the front, which is an additional protection against the waves in the stormy sea.

There is nothing to say about the body of the supermodel, except that we completely agree with Bella Hadid and the actress Kara Santana, who says "Incredible figure". To show that her swimsuits are not just for the beach, Ratajkowski shared more photos with her green dress, but this time she wore jeans over her bikini to ride a bike in nature.

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