Fire in the port of Beirut (VIDEO)

Fire in the port of Beirut.

Just over a month after the devastating explosion in Beirut, a column of black smoke reappeared over the Lebanese capital's port on Thursday, the BBC reported. The cause of the fire has not been determined yet. According to preliminary information from the Lebanese military, a tire warehouse has caught fire, which may also contain cans of oil.

However, eyewitnesses said smoke was rising from the part of the port where the epicenter of the blast, which destroyed most of the city in early August, was located. Twitter users post photos and videos and encourage citizens to open windows and stay away from them.

On August 4, two explosions in a row killed about 190 people and injured 6,000 in Beirut. The blast completely destroyed most of the port and surrounding neighborhoods. The tragedy was caused by a large shipment of ammonium nitrate, which was stored in the port without complying with security measures.

The port is a vital facility for the Lebanese economy, built mainly on imports. The well-being of most Lebanese is deteriorating from year to year. In addition to domestic problems, the country's economy has faced serious external shocks in recent years - an influx of Syrian refugees and a coronavirus pandemic.

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