French police are investigating the mysterious killing of horses

French police are investigating the mysterious killing of horses.

French investigators have made a number of arrests since the start of a gruesome series of attacks that led to the mutilation and killing of horses this year, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen was quoted as saying by French media.

He said 153 cases of killing and maiming horses were being investigated across France. The minister announced that night patrols by gendarmerie officers would be introduced in the country in order to calm down the owners of horses and in an attempt to catch the perpetrators. Darmanen warned the owners not to seek justice themselves.

Of the 153 investigations, about 30 involved the killing of horses in an extremely brutal manner. Knives were used to attack the horses, in some cases the animals were mutilated and sometimes their organs removed.

In one case, the horse's snout was disfigured, and in another case, the horse's blood was drained. The animal's right ear was often cut off as a trophy.

Investigators are trying to determine whether this is an animal slaughter resembling a sectarian ritual or a sinister challenge on social media. "No version is ruled out at this stage," the interior minister said.

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