Homeless man tried to kill Eminem (PHOTOS)

Homeless man tried to kill Eminem
Photo: Gettyimages

Homeless man tried to kill Eminem.

A man who sneaked into the house of rapper Eminem wanted to kill him, reports "Detroit Free Press", referring to the police.

The incident happened in April, but the details became known only now, when a police officer retold the testimony of the rapper during a court hearing.

According to him, Eminem woke up and found a stranger in his home. When the musician asked what he was doing in his house, the man replied that he would kill him.

The rapper "accompanied" the attacker through the whole house to the exit, but how he did it is not specified. Arriving at the scene, police found Eminem's bodyguard fighting the assailant.

Police said homeless Matthew Hughes entered the house through a broken brick window. He is now in custody and faces up to 20 years in prison for burglary and up to five years for intentionally destroying property.

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