Illusionist David Blaine flew in balloons over the Arizona desert (VIDEO)

Illusionist David Blaine flew in balloons over the Arizona desert.

Illusionist David Blaine performed his latest trick, rising to 7,620 meters in the sky over the Arizona desert, hanging on 52 huge helium balloons. "It's like magic, I feel like I'm floating in the air," said the extreme radio operator with his team on the ground. The number started at 7.30 am local time. Blaine gradually relieved himself of small weights to speed his ascent, and in the middle of the flight he put on a parachute and an oxygen mask for the thin air at such an altitude. It eventually reached 7,620 meters, the height at which most passenger planes fly.

The 47-year-old performer has a number of high-profile endurance numbers in his biography - a lock and a long stay in an aquarium full of water, a two-day stay in an ice block in Times Square, free standing on top of a thin, high pole for 35 hours in New York. The flight lasted about 30 minutes. Reaching a height almost as high as Mount Everest, Blaine freed himself from the balloon cluster and fell free for about 30 seconds before opening his parachute. This was followed by a successful landing and applause from the spectators present, among them the daughter of the illusionist - Desa. The number, broadcast live on Blaine's YouTube channel, was not overshadowed by any issues.

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