Insomnia prevents us from enjoying life

Insomnia prevents us from enjoying life
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Insomnia prevents us from enjoying life.

Lack of enough sleep has a huge impact on a person and not only leads to irritability and despondency, but deprives him of the elementary ability to enjoy life, the magazine "Popular Mechanics" reported.

"Even a slight lack of sleep for several consecutive nights can affect how people react to what's happening to them and around them," said Nancy Sin, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia.

She and her colleagues calculated how much time nearly 2,000 adults aged 33 to 48 who participated in the study spent sleeping. They also answered questions about the stress they were experiencing and the events in their lives.

"When people do nice things, they usually feel happy on that day. However, we found that when a person sleeps less than usual, he experiences less positive emotions when he does nice things," Sin said.

Fortunately, this effect is not permanent and with increasing sleep duration, the troubles go away.

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