Kia K5 performed a "horizontal somersault" between two springboards (VIDEO)

Kia K5 performed a "horizontal somersault" between two springboards.

Kia published a video with an unusual trick performed by the new K5 model, which replaced the Optima. The video shows how the sedan rotates 360 degrees during a jump between two springboards.

Koreyckiyat proizvoditel priznava, flashover in cnimkite e uchactval avtomobil, koyto ce razlichava leko from the ceriynata K-petitsa - cnabden e cac cactezatelna cedalka, pettochkovi kolani, zashtita na dvigatelya, obezopacitelna kletka in kupeto and izklyucheni earbegove. Everything is the same as in the standard sedans in the GT version with a 2.5-liter turbo engine with 290 hp.

The extreme video was shot especially for broadcast during the 72nd Emmy Awards Ceremony. At the beginning of August, the American division of Kia published a video with three K-fives, two of which were jumping from springboards to each other, while

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