More than a tonne of "Balkan" cocaine was confiscated in the Canary Islands (VIDEO)

More than a tonne of "Balkan" cocaine was confiscated in the Canary Islands.

More than a tonne of cocaine at an average market value of about 40m euros was seized by the Balkan cartel in a specialized operation by Spanish authorities in the Canary Islands.

The operation, codenamed "Falcusa", initiated by Croatian police, was successful, with three Croats in custody, the Croatian Interior Ministry said, according to MIA.

According to authorities, members of the so-called "Balkan cartel" - mostly Croats - were involved in the transatlantic smuggling channel of large quantities of cocaine.

In the specialized operation, Croatian authorities co-operated with the Spanish Civil Guard and French customs, and the operation was supported by Europol, the US DEA, the British NCA (National Crime Agency), the Dutch National Police, and the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the Croatian Interior Ministry, the investigation is aimed at a unit of the Balkan Cartel, which specializes in drug trafficking via sailboats and yachts.

The unit involved at least three Croatian citizens who had been "recruited" by a cocaine smuggling cartel. Their sailboat was registered in Croatia and sails under the Croatian flag.

A search of the Canary Islands turned up a total of 980 packages of about 980kg of high-purity cocaine, presumably destined for the European market, particularly in Spain and Croatia.

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