Musk showed a robotic surgeon who will implant brain chips (VIDEO)

Musk showed a robotic surgeon who will implant brain chips.

Since 2016, the Neuralink company, founded by Elon Musk, has been working on a compact brain implant that can return a person to a normal way of life. Po vreme na na neotdavnashna prezentatsiya ekcpertite Neuralink pokazaha cpocobnoctta ea chetat danni charter mozachnata aktivnoct praceta c na na pomoshtta implantiran cenzor, koyto predava informatsiya in low bezzhichna mrezha.

Neuralink is currently developing a robotic surgeon to minimize the human factor and eliminate errors in the implantation of miniature devices. During the demonstration of work with an implant, it was stated that a device was inserted into the animal's brain, which receives information. Only a robot that is designed for such an activity is able to perform an operation with such a huge number of connecting conductors.

The robot shown at the presentation has a height of over 2.4 meters and has the ability to move five eyes. These parameters help to accurately coordinate the operation of the surgical instrument. In parallel with the work on implantation, the robot performs continuous scanning and telemetry of the brain, determining the parameters of the functions of life.

At the time of implantation of the microchip, the robot must "bypass" all blood vessels, which makes the operation bloodless. The color and shape of the device should provoke only positive emotions in the patient and in no way scare him. Therefore, in Neuralink's work, light colors are used to decorate the body.

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