Musk showed successful implantation of a chip in a pig's brain (VIDEO)

Musk showed successful implantation of a chip in a pig's brain.

Specialists from the company Neuralink developed a wireless version of the eponymous neurointerface, which was successfully implanted in the brains of two pigs and then extracted without harm to the animals. This was revealed by Elon Musk at an online press conference held at the headquarters of Neuralink in San Francisco, BGNES reported.

In the last year, we have greatly simplified our systems, now they fit in a chip that is smaller than a coin and can be completely hidden when implanted. It will completely merge with the skull bone, will be invisible from the outside and will work all day without recharging ", the entrepreneur was quoted as saying by TASS.

"According to him, the developed prototypes and the improved model of a robot for their automated implantation were successfully tested on two pigs. The installed chips will allow scientists to monitor the activity of the sensory centers of the animal's brain via a wireless communication channel, watching what the pig's chirp touches.

As a demonstration of the safety of these devices, neurophysiologists removed an implant from the brain of one of the pigs without damaging his brain. As Musk noted, the second chip has been working in the second animal's head for several months now, without causing its rejection or other problems. Subsequently, the researchers implanted two chips in the brain of one of the pigs at once, which confirmed the possibility of parallel operation on several devices simultaneously.

In addition, the researchers successfully modified the work of several chains of neurons, using implanted chips and electrodes to stimulate the activity of individual nerve cells. This will allow in the future to use similar devices against epilepsy, paralysis and other diseases in which there are disorders of the brain and spinal cord. Musk estimates that the device developed by Neuralink for processing data from brain activity and its impact on it will cost several thousand dollars.

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