The first Turkish flying car was presented (VIDEO)

The first Turkish flying car was presented.

The Turkish company Baykar, which is engaged in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, presented a prototype of the first flying car.

The development of the machine started a year and a half ago, and its debut flight will take place on September 11 this year. The machine weighing 230 kg is lifted into the air by propellers, which are driven by an electric motor.

The cabin can accommodate one person, but in the future it plans to build prototypes that can accommodate passengers, as well as cargo options. During the first tests, which were conducted both with and without safety ropes, the flying machine managed to rise to 10 meters.

The developers plan in the future that the Gezeri flying cars will be able to reach a speed of 100 km / h, climb to an altitude of 2,000 meters and travel 70 km.

At the end of August, a flying car made its first manned flight in Japan. This prototype is able to lift a few meters in the air, and the flight duration is 5-10 minutes. We have previously informed you that the authorities in the US state of New Hampshire are the first in the United States to officially allow the use of flying vehicles.

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