The love life of Prince William

The love life of Prince William
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The love life of Prince William.

Before he met Kate Middleton, and even after he met her, Prince William was very popular with girls, and he gladly reciprocated, but still married Catherine. Who are these frustrated princesses? The women's magazine "Marie Claire" makes an elegant review of the prince's love life.

Davina DuckwardM Chad

Davina, from a very wealthy and noble family, was destined for William not by fate but by relatives. Even when Davina and Will were children, their parents dreamed of a future wedding. But despite the fact that Davina generally met the taste preferences of the future monarch and, as experience shows, William likes blondes, nothing happened.

Apparently, the young people were connected exclusively through platonic relationships. They even went on a yacht cruise in 1999, spent a lot of time alone, the miracle did not happen - they both stayed cool and their parental dreams were shattered. Davina married before William and even invited her unfulfilled lover to the wedding. Now the girl is happily married and has two daughters.

Rose Farquari

William first saw Rose at a traditional aristocratic event - fox hunting. Father Farkvar organizes an annual trip for the pleasure of the royal family. Rosie is considered to be the prince's first strong and by no means platonic passion. It is true that the girl herself does not have serious feelings for the heir to the British throne, despite the tempting prospects.

Rose, who has been singing since childhood, dreams of becoming a singer and does not aspire to the royal family at all. Looking like a doll, Rose turned out to be very intelligent and quickly realized - either a palace or a singer, and chose the latter (a modern girl).

The affair between the prince and the future star lasted only one summer, in 2000. William had just finished school and, as you might guess, was thirsty for all kinds of adventures. In September, Rose, suffering a crushing failure in England, left to pursue a career in America, leaving the heir to the throne alone.

Arabella Musgrave

Next was Arabella Musgrave, head of PR at fashion house Gucci, with whom the prince met at a polo match in 2001. In the first place, William was struck by Arabella's extraordinary erudition, the young people became friends, and only then did the heir to the throne discover that Arabella was also incredibly beautiful.

The lovers did not stay long together - William went to university in another city, where he had to meet his future wife, and Arabella stayed in London. By the way, then the girl was invited to the royal wedding. But what's there, almost all former passions got the unique opportunity to personally greet Catherine.

Carly Massie-Birch

Ordinary provincial Carly, the prince had a relationship immediately upon his arrival at the university. As Olivia Hunt immediately followed, this story went almost unnoticed by the press - of course, the ordinary was not interesting to anyone, but in the meantime, just this story can become a real Cinderella tale!

But, unfortunately, in parallel, William wrote passionate letters to his ex-girlfriend Arabella and even managed to visit her several times in the capital. Carly, though she was ordinary, but by no means stupid, quickly brought the whole relationship to nothing. As you know, reputation is more important than the prospect of connecting your life with a prince.

Olivia Hunt

In September 2001, 19-year-old Prince William arrived on St. El Salvador, the campus of St Andrews University in Scotland. The new student was greeted with pomp - of course, not every day the queen's grandson and direct heir comes to study, except that he is single and quite handsome. A crowd of fans immediately formed around the prince, among whom William singled out a single girl - Olivia, the daughter of a famous London doctor.

By the way, it was Olivia who introduced William to his future best friend William van Kutsem and then started an affair with him. The relationship between the prince and Olivia is developing rapidly - because of his beloved, the prince even missed the university beauty contest, where Kate Middleton paraded, so the fateful meeting may not have taken place. Will made up for lost time a few months later at a charity fashion show, where Kate shone in a black see-through dress.

William was so amazed by what he saw that he even stopped paying attention to Olivia, who was relentlessly following her boyfriend. In fact, after that awkward moment, the couple broke up and William moved on to Kate.

Isabella Anstruther Gouigh Calhorpe

Isabella was present invisibly in the prince's life for a long time, leaving the unfortunate Kate Middleton an outsider. Catherine even broke up with William due to constant competition, where she obviously lost - if the future duchess was just beautiful, then Isabella with a difficult-to-pronounce last name just looked like a model, and she was blonde!

In short, the prince's personal life was full - he rushed from Isabella and Kate, which, he was very pleased, until Middleton gave an ultimatum to his beloved: either me or Isabella.

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