The monkey stole a student's phone and took a selfie (VIDEO)

The monkey stole a student's phone and took a selfie.

A Malaysian student, whose smartphone was picked up by a monkey while sleeping, was surprised to find that the primate had taken several selfies, BTA reports.

20-year-old Zakridz Rozzi could not find his mobile device when he woke up. His case was under the bed and there were no signs of a burglary at his home in Johor. However, the smartphone was missing.

When his father accidentally saw the monkey walking around their house the next day, the two decided to conduct a more thorough search. From his brother's phone, Zakridz called his personal number several times. After hearing the ringing of the device, it was found buried in the mud under a palm tree. But that was not the biggest surprise.

While checking the contents of the memory card, the student saw several selfies and videos taken by the thief. Some of the shots were blurry, but in others the monkey's face was clearly visible. The videos, taken from the branches of a tree, showed the animal opening its mouth and trying to bite the smartphone, probably thinking it was food.

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