They discovered Pablo Escobar's hiding place with 18 million dollars (VIDEO)

They discovered Pablo Escobar's hiding place with 18 million dollars.

In an investigation conducted by the TV channel "Mass Noticias", the nephew of Pablo Escobar - Nicholas, who was dedicated to the search for hiding places where objects or illegal money of his uncle, revealed that he found a new one in which they were found $ 18 million, a pen, a gold needle, radios, a camera and a typewriter, Deutsche Welle reported.

"I have always said it and I say it with great pride: I am the older nephew of Pablo Escobar, who often accompanied him. On May 17, 1993, I was abducted to find out where Pablo was and I was tortured for more than seven hours", said the nephew.

Nicolas Escobar assured that the items were found in an apartment located in the Las Palmas district in the town of Medellin, where he has lived for 5 years. The relative of the drug lord assured that he had found his uncle's belongings in a "paranormal" way. He felt that the place was hiding something.

"I've lived there for 4-5 years and every time I'm in the dining room and looking at the parking lot I saw a man come in and then disappear", explains the nephew.

He kept looking around the apartment until he found something: "There was a big bag there and the smell was impressive," added Escobar's relative.

According to Nicholas, the money found is useless due to their condition and age. In addition, there was a roll of photos in the camera that could not be recovered. The investigation says the typewriter found was used to "destabilize the country" at the time.

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, founder and leading leader of the Medellin cartel, is one of the richest people in the world thanks to drug trafficking. His condition could never be calculated. Among its main eccentrics is the zoo in the famous "Hacienda Napoles" with animals that are not found in Colombia. It is currently a tourist site in Medellin. Escobar was shot dead on December 2, 1993.

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