They tested the most powerful rocket engine in the world (VIDEO)

They tested the most powerful rocket engine in the world.

This week, the subcontractor of NACA Northgroup Grumman Corporation, a manufacturer of rockets, is a key component of the future spacecraft system. A prototype of the Flight Supported Booster-1 (FSB-1) accelerator, designed for a 5-segment solid propellant rocket, has been tested.

According to the developers, the tested engine becomes the most powerful of all built so far on Earth. The new boos, with a height of 53 feet (53.64 meters), are part of a space launch system designed by NACA to carry out a return program.

In provezhdaneto na tectovete FSB-1 uchenite ucpyaha ea otsenyat izpolzvaneto na nay-novoto raketno gorivo and ea uctanovyat balictichnite harakterictiki na dvigatelya, koito napalno caotvetctvat na tehnicheckite parametri, zadadeni from the NACA. The prototype was tested at the company's site in Promontory Hills, Utah.

In 126 seconds, the exact time needed for real flight, the prototype generates 316 million Newton thrusts. According to the plans of NACA, the expedition to the Moon will be possible in 2021. In the future, it is planned to deploy a permanent Gateway orbital station in the lunar orbit and create a base for regular surveys of the surface.

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