Typhoon Haishen killed four people and injured 36 others in Japan (VIDEO)

Typhoon Haishen killed four people and injured 36 others in Japan.

Thirty-six people were injured in southwestern Japan by powerful Typhoon Haisheng, which hit the region late last night. Most people were injured on Kyushu Island in Nagasaki and Kumamoto prefectures. Four victims were also reported in Yamaguchi Prefecture. A strong gust of wind at night damaged power lines, leaving nearly half a million households in southwestern Japan without electricity.

As a result of the typhoon, nearly 2 million people were evacuated and settled in special centers. Hundreds of air and train services have also been canceled. There is a danger of a tsunami in low-lying areas, especially around estuaries in endangered coastal Japanese provinces. Heishen has forced many factories and schools to close in western Japan.

During a meeting with cabinet ministers, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on the people of the southern islands to exercise extreme caution as Typhoon Haisheng crossed the Japanese coast. South Korea is preparing after the disaster reached the country.

The typhoon with winds up to 126 km / h headed north. Strong winds have already left nearly 5,000 households without electricity in the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, where more than 473mm of rain has fallen since Saturday. Authorities evacuated nearly a thousand people, and more than 300 flights from 10 airports were canceled.

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