Use dill as a medicine

Use dill as a medicine
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Use dill as a medicine.

Dill has a well-deserved fame not only as a culinary spice, but also as a plant with healing properties. It is used to prevent vitamin deficiencies during the winter, to treat diseases of the urinary and genital systems, to stabilize blood pressure and for some cosmetic problems.

Aromatic dill is one of the most popular and widespread spicy plants, which is used in cooking due to its unique aroma.

This is one of the most common spices in the kitchen. Dill is widely used in the preparation of fish, meat and vegetable dishes to give them a unique flavor.

Fresh dill is added to salads, soups, main dishes. Dried dill is also used as a spice, as its energy value is higher than fresh. The seeds of the fragrant green plant are used in the production of marinades.

Fans of this spice may not even know about the many beneficial properties of dill. If you eat dill with "heavy" food, it will speed up the breakdown of fats. Dill is low in calories - only thirty kilocalories per hundred grams of greens, so it can be safely used in the diet to enrich it with nutrients.

The healing properties of dill

This aromatic herb contains a whole range of nutrients. Dill contains a large amount of trace elements - carotene, potassium and calcium, vitamins A, B1 and B2, folic and ascorbic acids, essential oils. Regular consumption of dill will help you get rid of insomnia, refresh your complexion, and will also accelerate hair growth and strengthen your nails.

Dill is also useful because it has vasodilating properties. Therefore, it can be used to stabilize blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Fennel lotions will help with problem skin, as fennel has bactericidal properties.

A compress with chilled tincture of fennel at bedtime will help relieve fatigue and tension in the eyes and red eyelids.

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