A man got angry and set fire to his car for 150 thousand euros (VIDEO)

A man got angry and set fire to his car for 150 thousand euros.

Russian blogger Mikhail Lytvyn spread a video on social networks in which he jokingly drew the stick of his personal car - "Mercedes" GT63S worth 13 million rubles, or nearly 150 thousand euros.

The video, watched so far by ten million users, shows Lytvyn stopping his luxury car in the middle of a field, then taking a few cans of petrol out of the trunk and flooding it from all sides until he finally ignites it from a distance. According to various agencies, the man decided on the drastic measure, because since he bought the car in May 2019, almost every time he was forced to take it to the service station due to a technical failure. After a thorough inspection, it was found that there were a lot of non-original parts in it, which did not allow the engine to function normally.

This circumstance and the refusal of the German car giant to compensate Lytvyn in any way have no choice but for the Russian to express his dissatisfaction on social networks by setting fire to the expensive vehicle.

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