Acid instead of oil: What happens to the engine? (VIDEO)

Acid instead of oil: What happens to the engine?

The series of meaningless but fun experiments on the Novosibirsk YouTube channel Garage-54 continues with another mockery. Vadim and his accomplices pour acid into the engine of the VAZ-2110 to check what the effect will be.

In order to convince themselves of the lack of a violent chemical reaction, the runacs first drain the oil from the engine and add a little electrolyte to it. Then pour half a liter of acid and start the unit.

The engine runs for about 30 seconds before it starts smoking and detonates, after which it dies down. From Garage-54 they decide to leave him in this state overnight to see what happened to him the next day.

In the morning, the inspection of the oil filler neck does not show any visual changes, but the engine refuses to start. Then the team decides to smoke the candles and try to start it again, which surprisingly happens.

However, the unit does not work for a long time and this time - it goes out after about two minutes. After disassembly, it turns out that its interior is covered with a layer resembling rust. The acid has washed away all the oil, the friction on the parts has increased and the engine has overheated.

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