After a storming of commandos, the crew of a tanker in the English Channel was released (VIDEO)

After a storming of commandos, the crew of a tanker in the English Channel was released.

British special forces boarded the oil tanker "Nave Andromeda", located in the English Channel, and detained seven people who threatened the crew, world agencies reported.

The ship is under control and there are no reports of injured crew members, according to a statement issued yesterday by the British Ministry of Defense.

Yesterday morning, the ship's crew found seven people on board, hiding in one of the rooms. When the crew tried to lock them in the cabins, a conflict arose and the crew raised an alarm, said yesterday the editor of the industry weekly "Lloyd's List" Richard Mead. British police received a signal that the security of the crew was under threat and asked for help from the Ministry of Defense. Shortly after the accident, the tanker anchored in the English Channel, about 10 km from the Isle of Wight. To ensure safety, all other vessels and aircraft were prohibited from approaching it less than 5 nautical miles (9.26 km).

The crew probably withdrew to the fortified area of ​​the ship, known as the "citadel", said Chris Parry, a retired Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy, quoted by the Associated Press. The captain probably wanted to avoid taking a fully loaded tanker near the Portsmouth naval base, where British aircraft carriers are located, until the incident is resolved, Pari added.

Such incidents are not uncommon and are likely to occur more frequently as migrants try to enter the UK, the rear admiral said.

The tanker flies the flag of Liberia and is owned by a Greek company.

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