Air battle of MiG-31 in the stratosphere (VIDEO)

Air battle of MiG-31 in the stratosphere.

Russian MiG-31 fighters, developed at CCCR in the 1970s, continue to solve modern combat tasks. In hoda na na boynata podgotovka pilotite otdelen cmecen aviatsionen polk from the voyckite in ceveroiztochnata chact na Ruciya, baziran in Kamchatka, provedoha trenirovka charter prihvashtane na na vrazhecki camoleti vicochini close Until makcimalnata.

Modified MiG-31 BM fighters took part in the training flight. One of the planes plays the role of an intruder trying to enter the airspace at an altitude of 20 km. The receiver of the target is the second aircraft MiG-31 BM, which independently, without the help of air defense, searches and captures the target. The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video of a training battle in the stratosphere on its official YouTube channel. See him.

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