Audi's new headlights project images (VIDEO)

Audi's new headlights project images.

Audi has introduced the world's first headlights with a digital matrix that allows image projection. Digital Matrix LED (DML) will be installed on e-trоn and e-trоn Sportbaсk from next year.

At first, the owners of the two electric vehicles will be able to choose between five pre-charged images with a unique text or text. The unique design of 1.3 million microscopic mirrors and the frequency of renewal 5,000 times per second, however, allows much more.

Digital headlights spread a 50-meter "light carpet" in front of the car. In addition to not dazzling the drivers in oncoming traffic, the bundle expands in a turn and can "draw" a virtual track, marking the drivers.

The new technology will be available only for the European versions of e-tron and e-tron Sportbask. Until digital matrix headlights are certified by US regulators, US buyers will only have a light function.

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