Electric bicycle with wheels without spokes (VIDEO)

Electric bicycle with wheels without spokes.

The Beno company from Delaware, USA, presented the Reevo electric bicycle on the Indiegogo fundraising platform. The idea of ​​the innovation is to provide the modern city dweller with a comfortable, safe, reliable and stylish trip. The main difference between the Reevo and the many electric bicycles on the market is the unique design of the wheels.

It was this original design of Beno Reevo that made the project popular in India. Vapreki prividnata nenadezhdnoct and krehkoct na na kolelata velocipeda, cpored razrabotchitsite such rises ca preminali vcichki neobhodimi tectove and pozvolyavat na potrebiteli c teglo Up to 120 kg ea upravlyavat Beno Reevo bezproblemno.

The stylish design of the Beno Reevo electric bike, made in black, aggressive colors, is complemented by ingenious engineering solutions to protect the car. The bike is equipped with automatic locking, using a sensor for fingerprints and GPS tracking.

Reevo e oborudvan c 750 vatov elektrichecki motor, podvizhna akumulatorna ocnovna bateriya (48V, 10,5 Ah) and vgradena vatreshna, koyato ociguryava rabotata na na cictemata charter razpoznavane cobctvenika and GPS cictemata. The wheels are locked with the help of a concealed lock operated by a fingerprint scanner.

The maximum speed of the bike is 40 km per hour, and the radius of autonomous driving with a single charge of the battery is up to 60 km. Aluminum is used in the production of the bicycle body, and the diameter of the wheel is 27.5 inches. To ensure safety when driving in the dark, the Reevo wheels are equipped with LED lighting, which is automatically switched on at low speeds.

With the help of a special application, you can control the bike from your smartphone. Fenovete na koloezdeneto aktivno podkrepiha proekta Beno Reevo na platformata Indiegogo, kadeto Prez parvata nepalna cedmitsa veche ca cabrani nad 700,000 dolara, a neobhodimite charter ctart proizvodctvoto na ca 50,000. The first customers will be able to receive the bicycle with wheels without spokes until March 2021.

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