Former military man killed a Bulgarian woman and committed suicide in Palma de Mallorca (VIDEO)

Former military man killed a Bulgarian woman and committed suicide in Palma de Mallorca.

The bodies of a man and a woman were found in a car at a gas station in Paguera, Mallorca. According to local authorities, this is not a planned double suicide, but a murder and subsequent suicide.

According to initial data, 37-year-old Juan Ag., A former military man, killed a woman of Bulgarian origin in the car and then committed suicide, La Vanguardia reported.

The man shot the victim at point-blank range. Investigators believe the perpetrator deliberately chose the scene of the murder, as there were almost no people there at the time. The reconstruction carried out at the crime scene shows that the killer parked next to a wall so that the woman driving could not get out of the car through the door. The version that the perpetrator may have been drugged is also checked.

The killer got out of the car in the direction of the trunk, where he was holding the gun, took it and shot the victim at point-blank range through the open driver's door. He then shot himself in the head.

Law enforcement is trying to establish what the relationship was between the two. The woman had been working as a waitress for several months. The two shared an apartment in Palma de Mallorca and, according to witnesses, had an intimate relationship. According to the local website, the Spanish authorities have already turned to the Bulgarian consulate for help in establishing the identity of the woman, whom everyone called Bibi.

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