Operation Autumn Hope returned 45 children abducted for trafficking (VIDEO)

Operation Autumn Hope returned 45 children abducted for trafficking.

A large-scale law enforcement operation in Ohio, called Operation Autumn Hope, led to the arrest of 179 people suspected of human trafficking and the rescue of 109 victims, 45 of whom were missing children. Some victims were between 14 and 15 years old. The victims were referred to social services, according to the Ohio prosecutor's office.

More than 50 law enforcement agencies took part in the operation, which allowed officers to make arrests and rescues in various counties.

In a three-day search, Columbus police focused on the west side, Linden Avenue, Sullivan and Parsons, looking for victims of human trafficking. Undercover officers have worked with uniformed officers to carry out the arrests, according to 10TV.

One arrest even stopped traffic in West Virginia.

Peter Tobin, U.S. Marshal for Southern Ohio County, thanked all the officers who helped with the operation and said confidently that their actions had changed many lives.

Serge. Dana Hess, director of the Working Group on Human Trafficking in Central Ohio, said the operation highlights how many victims there are.

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