Russia has shown the launch of a hypersonic missile (VIDEO)

Russia has shown the launch of a hypersonic missile.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a video from the tests of the hypersonic cruise missile "Zircon". It was fired by the frigate "Admiral of the Soviet Union Gorshkov" in the White Sea and hit a target in the Barents Sea, passing a distance of 450 km.

During the flight "Zircon" it reached an altitude of 28 km and a maximum speed of over Mach 8 (Mach 1 = 1 193.256 km / h). Russia plans to arm submarines and ships from its fleet with a hypersonic missile after completing the test program.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Valery Geratsimov, personally reported to Vladimir Putin on the successful launch. Prezident, koyto praznuva rozhden den Nowadays, the, e blagodaril na uchenite and voennite charter cvarshenata rabota and poctignatite rezultati, kato e izrazil nadezhda, flashover and zanapred design could ce labor taka efektivno and nactoychivo charter prevaorazhavaneto na ruckata Army Courts, caobshtava preccluzhbata na Kremal.

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