Seven bodies found in a manure container traveling by ship from Serbia to Paraguay

Seven bodies found in a manure container traveling by ship from Serbia to Paraguay.

The severely decomposed bodies of seven people were found in a fertilizer container that left Serbia three months ago on Friday, Paraguayan authorities said, according to Reuters.

The container left Serbia on July 21st and arrived earlier this week in Argentina at a river port on the outskirts of the Paraguayan capital, Asuncion, prosecutor Marcello Saldivar said. The bodies were found on Friday when the managers of the company that delivered the product opened the container, the prosecutor added.

Saldivar said the victims probably traveled secretly. Two of them had personal documents proving that they were Moroccans. An invoice from a Serbian taxi company was also found, indicating that they entered the container in Serbia.

We assume that they arrived there from Morocco and planned to travel to a nearby destination, but did not take into account the distance and did not survive the trip, he told Reuters. The provisions they had - biscuits, bottled water and canned food - were enough for 72 hours. All the corpses are decomposed. All that is left is hair and bones, the prosecutor said.

The route of the victims and the telephones found next to the corpses will be checked. Paraguayan authorities will contact authorities in Serbia and Morocco to determine the identities of the victims, the prosecutor said.

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