Sharon Stone starred in Playboy to win the role in "Primary Instinct"

Sharon Stone starred in Playboy to win the role in "Primary Instinct".

Sharon Stone gave a rare interview to her colleague Drew Barrymore about her new talk show. Stone, 62, admitted that in order to get the role of the seductive beauty Catherine Tramal in "Primary Instinct", she deliberately decided to shoot naked for Playboy. The actress also shared that even in her youth she always acted more strategically than impulsively.

"I decided to shoot specifically for Playboy because I wanted to get a role in the movie 'Primary Instinct.' Although at the time I had no idea what he would bring me. I really think this is the right role for me, and I knew what to do to get it”, Stone said.

Her role brought her the image of a sex symbol, millions of admirers and star status, which allowed her to star in other famous films, such as the Casino, where her partner was Robert De Niro.

But Sharon and Drew also discussed privacy. As a mother of three, Stone admitted that she was not at all interested in romantic relationships. "I stopped the meetings because I think people are insincere and unworthy of my time. I prefer to spend my time alone or with children and friends. I just feel like I don't need another child, I don't want insincerity, I don't want games. I don't even know how to say it to sound right", said Sharon.

Barrymore agreed with his guest and said he felt the same way. Recently, the actress herself admitted that she does not want to marry again.

"I have really good male friends, but when it comes to emotional maturity in relationships, I feel like men and women are on different levels", Sharon added.

The actress told Drew that she is trying to instill this thought in her sons: 20-year-old Rowan Joseph Bronstein, 15-year-old Lord Won Stone and 14-year-old Queen Kelly Stone.

"Sometimes the three of them come into my room, start a man's conversation, and when they notice me, they say, 'We shouldn't discuss this in front of Mom.' And I answer, "You don't have to discuss this in front of each other." Let's talk about it. There are certain fears in the world that boys and men experience because there is a misunderstanding of strength and masculinity. That's why I'm trying to teach my boys that the notions of strong and important that men radiate can be completely wrong and may not be useful even in their relationship", said Sharon Stone.

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