SpaceX launches Falcon 9 as part of Starlink mission (VIDEO)

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 as part of Starlink mission.

The launch of the Falson 9 rocket as part of a mission to launch the satellite constellation Starlink into space was a success. The mission, called Starlink 12 v1.0, was launched from NACA's LC-39A launch complex, located at Canaveral, Florida.

Miciyata ima charter Purpose ea izctrelya cledvashtata eckadrila internet cpatnitsi Starlink, nabroyavashta 60. Miciyata Starlink 12 v1.0 completed ucpeshno and ramkite na 61 minutes cled izctrelvaneto na Falson 9 catelitnoto cazvezdie Starlink beshe izvedeno in orbita.

In cashtoto vreme raketata ucpeshno ce zavarna na na Zemyata and katsna ofshornata platforma ° F Sourse I Still Love You in Atlanticheckiya okean, a klapata na nocoviya obtekatel beshe ulovena in mrezhata na cpetsialniya korab SpaseX Ms.

All stages of the launch and flight were covered live on the YouTube channel of SpasX. The thirteenth mission of Starlink 12 v1.0 was postponed five times and was originally scheduled to launch on September 17.

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