The British ambulance is testing a flying "Iron Man" suit (VIDEO)

The British ambulance is testing a flying "Iron Man" suit.

Inventor Richard Browning and his company Gravity Industries demonstrate to us that the Iron Man jet suit, which we first saw in 2017, can be a life-saving option in real and crisis situations.

Working with the British emergency organization Great North Air Ambulance, Browning conducted promising tests at a remote mountain site. The results are encouraging, as the time for the emergency team to reach the injured person is crucial for his rescue and recovery.

"We believe this technology can allow our team to reach some patients much faster than ever before", said Andy Mawson, chief operating officer of Great North Air Ambulance.

"In many cases, this would alleviate the patient's suffering and save his life" he said.

The jet suit uses micro-jets powered by fuel that is mounted on the pilot's arms and back, with a display showing key data. The inventor says that the risk of fire is minimal, as the fuel is not particularly explosive, and the person in the suit remains relatively close to the ground in case of mechanical damage.

Although the test was successful, it may take some time before we see paramedics in jet suits, as the technology needs improvement and is quite expensive at the moment.

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