The first prototype of a new supersonic passenger plane is ready (VIDEO)

The first prototype of a new supersonic passenger plane is ready.

The young American company Boom Supersonis presented the first working prototype of the future supersonic passenger plane Overture. The demonstration XB-1 is a 1: 3 scale model, but it can still fly faster than the speed of sound, and its tests are fast.

Boom Supersonis began work on the project in 2016 with a promise to make a possible flight from New York to London for 3 hours and 15,000 at a price of $ 253 for $ 25. Overture will develop 2.2 mph (2,700 km / h).

The XB-1 prototype is 21.6 meters long and has a fuselage of carbon composites. It is equipped with three General Electric J85-15 engines with a thrust of 53,378 Newtons.

The only obstacle to XB-1 is the legal restrictions. Grazhdanckite poleti cac ckoroct nad Mah 1 ca zabraneni nad cushata in CASHT from the 1973 Federalnoto upravlenie in low vazduhoplavane razglezhda vazmozhni promeni in zakonodatelctvoto c ogled tehnologichniya napredak and mnogo in low-noise nickite niva na na cavremennite camoletni dvigateli.

The first flight of the 55-seat Overture will take place no earlier than 2025. Therefore, Boom Suppersonis will conduct ground tests on the XB-1, and air tests for 20.

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