They stabbed two women under the Eiffel Tower (VIDEO)

They stabbed two women under the Eiffel Tower.

Two Muslim women were stabbed under the Eiffel Tower. This comes amid growing tensions in Paris after the murder of a teacher last week.

French police have arrested two suspected women. In the alleged racist attacks, the attackers shouted "Dirty Arabs", reports "Daily Mail".

The detainees have been described as "white women of European appearance" who have been charged with attempted murder, the city prosecutor's office said.

The stabbed women are 49-year-old Kenza and Amel, who is known to be several years younger.

No information about the attack was initially published. However, this led to numerous comments on social networks, where images from the crime scene were spread. A statement from the Paris police followed, stating:

"On October 18, around 8 p.m., police responded to an emergency call from two women wounded by a knife." A source in the Paris prosecutor's office confirmed that an investigation had been launched into the attempted murder.

"We were a family of five adults and four children. We were walking in a park next to the Eiffel Tower. As we were walking, two dogs came to us. The children were scared. My cousin, who was veiled, asked the two women if it was possible to keep their dogs with them. "Because the children are afraid. The owners refused to put leashes on their pets, and a heated argument ensued that involved racist insults", Kenza said.

The two women with the dogs then pulled out knives and attacked Kenza and Amel.

"One of the two attackers stabbed me in the head, ribs and arm. Then they attacked my cousin", said the victim.

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