VIP minibus or palace on wheels from Russia (VIDEO)

VIP minibus or palace on wheels from Russia.

When the warnings of the second wave of coronaviruses are heard from everywhere, many people want to be shut off from the outside world. And here, by the way, there is an expensive and luxurious way of realizing the plans of the so-called. oligarchs. It's about a mobile palace based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

For just 30 million rubles (€ 327,506), you can survive the pandemic excitement of enjoying a 50-inch Full HD TV, built-in coffee maker and coffee maker. And this Mercedes-Benz, invented and built in Russia, is truly unique from the point of view of the gadget.

Imagine there is a button that opens access to a secret niche with an umbrella and even the center console moves from the cabin like a server to work from there. More interesting information about the most expensive VIP minibus Mercedes-Benz see in the video.

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