41 died in Sao Paulo after a collision between a bus and a truck (VIDEO)

41 died in Sao Paulo after a collision between a bus and a truck.

At least 41 people were killed and at least ten others were injured in the state of Sao Paulo after a collision between a bus carrying a group of employees and a truck. This is considered to be one of the worst incidents in the last five years in Brazil, Deutsche Welle reports.

The fire service said 37 people died on the spot and four other passengers died at hospitals in the region due to serious injuries. The incident took place in an area with difficult access to the Alfredo de Oliveira Carvalho highway, near the town of Taguai, about 350 kilometers from the capital of Sao Paulo and near the border with the province of ParanĂ¡.

Sao Paulo military police spokesman Lieutenant Alexander Guedes told Globo News that the bus was carrying about 50 workers from a textile company in the region, but explained that it was not yet possible to give eye figures.

"We helped about 15 people on the spot, and four died during transport or in the hospital. We cannot say that this is a final number, because there are other victims who are in serious condition", he said.

"This is the most serious road accident with fatalities this year on the highways", Guedes said.

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